Glazed Asin Roof Tiles and ornamental fittings

Ornamental Tiles

Recently we were contacted about the replacing the tiles on The Gate of Harmonious Interest which is the gateway to Chinatown in Victoria British Columbia. The tiles needed to be replicated and replaced so I got in contact with Sahtas and asked them if it was possible. 

Working off pictures before they had access to the original tiles the craftsman at the factory were able to duplicate the tiles. The results were truly amazing and I can't wait to see what they can do when working form the original tiles. 

If  you have a Gateway into Chinatown, a temple, business or a home where you would like an authentic Asian look we can certainly be off help. We have access to new brad new tiles, fittings and ornamental figures. Or if you need an exact replica for your project we can do that as well.

Contact us for more information about your project and what we can do to get you the look you want.

The Gate of Harmonious Interest Victoria BC

Ornamental Chinese Clay Roof Figures

Chinese imperial roof decoration or roof charms or roof-figures (檐兽) or (走兽) or (蹲兽) were once reserved for the most important buildings in the kingdom, representing the owner's status in the hierarchy and only allowed on official building of the empire.

These roof ornaments represented mythical beings, and included an immortal deity riding a mythical bird, who was often placed at the head of a troupe of beasts

The function of this group of mythical beings was to defend the residents of the building against evil spirits. Their number was also indicative of the number of tasks performed in the building, with the maximum possible number of beasts being nine. In addition, the last creature in the succession of mythic creatures is almost invariably a dragon.

Handmade Eave tile to match original
Handmade CLay Eave Tile to match original
Handmade Eave Tile to matc the original
​Glazed Immortal Riding a Rooster

Immortal Riding a Rooster

Rooster 公鸡

Rooster 公鸡

Glazed Clay Qilin 麒麟

Qilin 麒麟

Glazed Clay Satue Horse 马

Horse 马

Glazed Clay Satue​ Phoenix 凤凰

Phoenix 凤凰