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At Northern we believe a clay tile roof is the crowning glory of any building.

Northern Roof Tiles is North America's premier importer of fine clay roofing tiles and have been in business for 31 years.


The Greeks, Romans and Chinese used clay roof tiles on their homes and important buildings; the Renaissance revived the practice and we continue the tradition.


Clay is a naturally occurring mineral, it has a proven track record of our performing virtually any other natural roofing material. It is ‘Green’ environmentally sustainable, it affords a fire proof covering for your home and looks even more beautiful and mellow as the years and decades roll over, something that cannot be said for virtually all
man-made supposed ‘look-a-likes!

We have built our business based on Experience, Knowledge, Passion & Personal Service.

English Clay roof tile in Denver CO
Huguenot French Shingle tile from Edilians

Shingle Roof Tile

Traditional French and English clay roof tiles that are used all across Europe for over 1000 years

Barrel Tile

Barrel roof tiles are divided into two varieties based on their historic design origin – Spanish roof tile and Mission tile which match authentic Italian, French and Spanish architecture as well as Southwestern Mission design. 

Barrel Tile roof overlooking the ocean
Flat Interlocking roof tiles used on a curved roof

Interlocking Roof Tile

Interlocking roof tiles combine an elegant appearance with easy installation.  Featuring interlocking channels for ease of installation and superior weather protection.

Ketley Bricks

Amazing bricks, brick slips & pavers made in England. The color range is like nothing we seen before in North America. 

Ketley bricks used on an impressive interior wall
Clay Roof Tiles used for Fireplace Back 2a.jpg

Fireplace, Creasing Tile & Vertical Tiling

A creative use for creasing tiles is to form a decorative and very functional surround, firebox and hearth for a fireplace. As all our tiles are fired to temperatures in excess of 1000 deg C our tiles are more than suitable for both domestic and even commercial fireplace application