Fittings & Accessories

As a tile roof ages it may have lost the odd rake, or the ridge may have been damaged in a storm. We can now provide your old roof with a little TLC.

From photographs we can identify the original make and style of tile on your roof and the fittings you require. We can either source new pieces from the original tile company or find reclaimed pieces that are similar. 

If all else fails we can have replacements custom made.  By the way the minimum order is one!

You might also want to consider adding ornamental ridge tiles to ‘spice’ up your roof. These go especially well with slate, natural or man-made, as well as regular asphalt roofs.

Submit a Photo for Matching.

We can accurately identify you materials most efficiently with a picture and a few dimensions.

Please Include and of the following information. The more we have the easier it is to locate the tile you are looking for in the correct size and color:

1) Photo (Front and Back)
2) Overall Length
3) Overall Width
4) Thickness
5) Approximate Quality of Material

6) City, State and Zip of where you would like the material shipped so we can include the transportation cost.

Measure a tile for matching service
Ridge Tile
A varity of clay tile fittings
Reclaimed tile fittings
Reclaimed Enviromentally friendly fittings