Gable detail using Flexim Mortar
Flexim Mortar on Gable Rake
Flexim Roof Mortar Ridge Tile
Flexim Roof Mortar - Readyto use. No mixing required
Flexim Roof Mortar - Instantly waterproof
Flexim Roof Mortar is perfect for pest control
Flexim Roof Mortar - Saves Time and Money
Flexim Roof Mortar - Enviromentally Friendly
Flexim Roof Mortar - Saves Time
Flexim Roof Mortar - Dries Quickly

Some of the Benefits of Flexim Roof Mortar

Flexim Roof Mortar is supplied in ready-to-use strips making it quick and simple to install. There’s no time-consuming mixing needed and any product not used can be saved until your next project.

Instantly Waterproof
Once installed, Flexim Roof Mortar is instantly water resistant. It is also extremely strong and will withstand all types of weather conditions and temperature extremes.

Permanently Flexible
Unlike traditional sand and cement mortar, Flexim remains flexible throughout its working life. It will not crack or delaminate, and is unaffected by the contraction / expansion of the roof or wind uplift on the tiles.

Health and safety is of paramount importance on any roofing project. The lightweight Flexim strips are easy to transport onto the roof without any heavy lifting, allowing installation to be carried out quickly and, above all, safely.

Saves Time and Costs
Tests have shown that Flexim Roof Mortar is up to 5 times faster and 50% cheaper to install than traditional mortar systems. There’s no need for any mixing and no washing out needed when the job’s been completed.

Choice of Colors
The aesthetics of the roof can be perfectly matched with one of Flexim’s dedicated colors. Available in Terra Cotta, Rust Red, Gray, Light Brown, Dark Brown and Black as standard. Blue and Green are available for $90.  Flexim Roof Mortar is perfectly suited to a range of different roof tiles including concrete, clay and slate. Flexim can also be painted once installed where required.

Environmentally Friendly
Flexim Roof Putty contains no harmful ingredients and is formulated using natural linseed oil. It is therefore ideal for use during sustainable building construction.

Pest Control
Flexim is perfect for keeping rodents, birds, bats and other wildlife out of your roof or building. Flexim can be used to quickly fill gaps in buildings or large holes effectively sealing them up. Because Flexim hardens on the outside while staying soft on the inside this means that if an persistent critters try to get in, Flexim will reseal itself. Meaning repeated repairs would not be necessary. For pest control companies a box of Flexim can be easily stored in the shop or van for quick repairs. 

Available Colors

Flexim Roof Mortar - Terra Cotta
Flexim Roof Mortar - Terra Cotta
Flexim Roof Mortar -Light-Brown Rust
Flexim Roof Mortar -Light-Brown Rust
Flexim Roof Mortar - Gray
Flexim Roof Mortar - Gray
Flexim Roof Mortar - Black
Flexim Roof Mortar - Black

Terra Cotta
Out of stock until mid April

Rust / Light Brown

Low Stock

Out of stock until Mid April 

Flexim Roof Mortar - Dark Brown
Flexim Roof Mortar - Dark Brown
Flexim Roof Mortar - Green
Flexim Roof Mortar - Green

Out of stock until Mid April

Dark Brown
Low Stock more mid April

A box of Flexim Roof Mortar

The Contents of a box of Flexim

A strip of Flexim Roof Mortar is 20"x4"x1.5"

Each Strip of Flexim is 20" x 4" x 1.5"

Black & Gray Flexim Roof Mortar
Black & Gray Flexim Roof Mortar
Rust & Terra Cotta Flexim Mortar
Rust & Terra Cotta Flexim Mortar

Black & Gray 

Check out the time lapse video to see just how much time, and therefore money, Flexim Roof Mortar can save you on your job.

Rust / Light Brown & Terra Cotta