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Need tiles for a repair, addition or an entire roof?
We have access to over 2 1/2 MILLION TILES located in the US ready to go.
We also have access to tile in Europe meaning we can find anything you need for your project.

Flexim Roof Mortar Putty


Flexim Roof Mortar is a ready to use storm proof tile adhesive that stays flexible. Flexim was first introduced to the American market in 1997 and it has proven itself to be the best alternative to conventional mortar.

New clay roof tiles from Northern Roof Tiles


Welcome to our world, a world of magnificently beautiful clay tile roofs
Check out our extensive collection of new clay tiles in a variety of profiles from some of the best finest in the world at

HyTile Roof Tile Cutter - No Mess No Dust

HYTile Tile Cutter

New from Northern Roof Tiles an easily portable roof tile cutter with no dust, low noise and easy cleanup with removable bin.

The HYTile Cutter also saves time as you can use it right on the roof due to rubber feet and quickly adjustable angle.

Ornamental Ridges and Finials - If you need a replacement tile firtting for your roof give Northern Roof Tiles a call


As a tile roof ages it may have lost the odd rake, or the ridge may have been damaged in a storm.


We can now provide your old roof with a little TLC. or connect data from your collection.

We really love clay roof tiles at Northern Roof Tiles


Contact Northern Roof Tiles West with and questions you might have as we would be happy to help.

Northern Roof Tiles West - English Clay Roof Tile

Your One Stop Roof Tile Shop

We have for the past 31 years, Northern Roof Tiles has been North America’s premium clay roof tile importer and we believe a clay roof is the ultimate crowning glory of any building.  

Having listened to our clients, we are expanding our services through Northern Roof Tiles West. We can now source tiles for repair and maintenance of existing roofs, as well as additions. We would like you to think of us as Your One Stop Roof Tile Shop.

Whatever you need, from a new roof to a repair, one ridge tile to a whole truck load of tiles, slate and fittings, we have resources throughout the US (over 2.5 million environmentally friendly, reclaimed tiles ready to go), with suppliers in Europe and Asia who can locate or craft custom pieces for anything your project might over 2 1/2 MILLION TILES located in the US ready to go.

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