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Need tiles for a repair, maintenance or addition ?

Reclaimed Roof Tiles and Fittings
Clay • Slate • Concrete • Repair • Maintenance • Additions • Salvage • Historic

We have you covered and if we don't have what you need we have work with a network of reclaimed tiles dealers across the country. Meaning we have a great chance of finding the tiles you need. 

If you need to replace roof tiles, fittings or several squares of tiles? Please get in contact. We can provide from one tile to as many as you need.

We can accurately identify your materials most efficiently with a picture and a few dimensions.
Please include the following information if you can. The more we have the easier it is to locate the tile you are looking for in the correct size and color:
1) Photo (Front and Back)
2) Overall Length
3) Overall Width
4) Thickness
5) Approximate Quality of Material

6) City, State and Zip of where you would like the material shipped so we can include the transportation cost.

Email us at  or call Adam at 888-678-6866 ext 102

Reclaimed roof tiles are enviromentally friendy
How to measure a roof tile
Measuring the height of a roof tile
Measuring the width of a roof tile

Other Available Roof Tile Solutions from Northern Roof Tiles


Flexim Roof Mortar

Flexim Roof Mortar is a ready to use storm proof tile adhesive that stays flexible. Flexim was first introduced to the American market in 1997 and it has proven itself to be the best alternative to conventional mortar.

Hytile - Picture.jpg

HyTile Tile Cutter

New from Northern Roof Tiles an easily portable roof tile cutter with no dust, low noise and easy cleanup with removable bin.

The HYTile Cutter also saves time as you can use it right on the roof due to rubber feet and quickly adjustable angle.



Contact Northern Roof Tiles West with and questions you might have as we would be happy to help


Your One Stop Roof Tile Shop for New Clay Roof Tiles

Welcome to our world, a world of magnificently beautiful clay tile roofs. Reclaimed tile isn't what you need? We have an extensive collection of new clay tiles in a variety of profiles from some of the best tile manufactures in the world at

Northern Roof Tiles West - English Clay Roof Tile

Who is Northern Roof Tiles?

We have for the past 32 years, Northern Roof Tiles has been North America’s premium clay roof tile importer and we believe a clay roof is the ultimate crowning glory of any building.  

Who We Are

Northern is a family owned importer of clay roofing tiles primarily from Europe. Stuart founded the business in 1991, so this year we will celebrate our 33rd anniversary, which makes Northern Roof Tiles one of the oldest established importers of clay roof tiles in North America.

What We Do

One of our founding tenets was to offer our clients the widest possible choice of profile, shape, size, colors and texture of clay tiles, which has required us to deal with many different tile makers. We set out to make specifying and purchasing our tiles as simple and enjoyable as possible. We provide suggested installation specifications and detailing, we can undertake material take offs and detail estimates and we work with the best installers all over the continent. And before you ask, all our tiles are independently tested against the ASTM criteria and are suitable for installation in all areas.

Why Might You Be Interested

If you have never considered using clay roof tiles because of assumed cost, the compatibility with the style of homes, building your design or build, or the suitability for use in your environment? If you had assumed all clay roof tiles were red, Mediterranean in profile and only suitable for use in the Sunbelt.

Please give us a call and the opportunity to answer your questions and concerns. Because clay roof tiles are NOT all red, and are compatible with most architectural styles and can be installed in even the harshest environments.

But before contacting us, we should warn you that we are passionate, some have said obsessive, about clay tile roofs.

Welcome to our world, a world of magnificently beautiful clay tile roofs.

Instagram Feed - Northern Roof Tiles

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