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Adam Matthews of Northern Roof Tiles
Adam Matthews

I started working for Stuart Matthews (my Dad and the original roof tile junkie) as a summer job when he needed some help. 33 years later I looked around and realized that maybe this isn't a temporary job? Roof tiles are a huge part of my life, I am still here. I moved to the West Coast in 2014 and it is time to branch off on my own with Northern Roof Tiles West.  

Over the years I have been involved in all aspects of roofing projects from world wide transportation, trucking and hands on development of custom roof tiles & fittings at factories around the world. 

Mini Cooper in the badlands as I travel West to open Northern Roof Tiles

The big move west

Working on a custom roof tile for Northern Roof Tiles

Hands on roof tile development with a complete lack of safety. I know better now.


Beautiful Clay Tile Roof using English shingle tiles
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