Reclaimed Roof Tiles and Fittings

2.5 Million reclaimed clay, concrete and slate tiles in stock
Reclaimed slate in stock
Reclaimed roof tiles in stock

For the past 27 years, Northern Roof Tiles has been North America’s premium clay roof tile importer and we believe a clay roof is the ultimate crowning glory of any building.  

Having listened to our clients, we are expanding our services through Northern Roof Tiles West. We can now source tiles for repair and maintanence of existing roofs, as well as additions. We would like you to think of us as Your One Stop Roof Tile Shop.

Whatever you need, from a new roof to a repair, one ridge tile to a whole truck load of tiles, slate and fittings, we have resources throughout the US (over 2.5 million environmentally friendly, reclaimed tiles ready to go), with suppliers in Europe and Asia who can locate or craft custom pieces for anything your project might need.

Clay • Slate • Concrete • Repair • Maintenance • Additions • North American • European • Asian

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Please include the following information. The more we have the easier it is to locate the tile you are looking for in the correct size and color:

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3) Overall Width
4) Thickness
5) Approximate Quality of Material

6) City, State and Zip of where you would like the material shipped so we can include the transportation cost.

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Huge selecton of reclaimed tiles and fittings in stock
Reclaimed roof tiles are enviromentally friendy